As descendants of the first Tasmanians, we have long been interested in a simple, sustainable way of living. Respectful to our heritage, we’ve created our own new accommodation and small house concept, Temma – named after a Tasmanian Aboriginal word for hut or shelter. Wherever possible, these simple, smaller structures are made from locally sourced and sustainably produced materials that sit lightly in natural environments.


Our studio (1bedroom) and 2 bedroom designs can be clustered in a communal group to form a short-term accommodation experience or singularly for a boutique retreat. We have also designed a linking system that connects separate pavilions creating private, sheltered spaces suitable for family homes or shacks. Additionally, Temma can be adapted to be a private studio, parents/grandparents retreat or small home.

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Our services include design, documentation and other professional services to develop your Temma from ideas into approved projects ready for construction. Depending on your location and needs, we can also either project manage or undertake the construction of your Temma vision.

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